The “Café / Restaurant Aftas” with “Surf school Chasseurs de Vagues” is located at “Plage Aftas”, one of the many beaches and bays of the area. This little paradise is about 10 min walk from the village center. Ever since the 80’s Mirleft, in the south of Morocco has been popular with tourists who were attracted by the extraordinary flair. Even though the population increased steadily Mileft has lost none of its traditional charm and popularity. Due to its mild climate the area can be visited all year round and offers a wide range of activities. Visitors, with or without surfboard, will meet a different way of life at Plage Aftas where the local fishermen still carry their heavy boats by pure muscle strength to the ocean and spend hour after hour to prepare their nets on the beach. All this will give the interested traveler a chance to not only take home pictures of amazing sunsets, but also a truly authentic experience of the traditional Moroccan lifestyle.